Plain-O Helpers volunteers provide minor home maintenance and repair services with a key focus on client

      • Safety
      • Security, and
      • Health

Typical repairs are the type that can be completed within an hour.  General household remodeling or painting are not within our scope. If we are not able to provide service to an individual, we will do our best to refer them to a local tradesman.

The client must be the homeowner and occupant, with the exception of rental property, needing the installation of safety aids such as grab bars, ramps and smoke detectors or furniture adjustment. Installation in a rental property requires written authorization from the owner/agent. Non-permanent changes such as hanging curtains and pictures can be done for renters without written authorization from the owner.

3/7/24: We are having problems with the website form submission. Please call in requests to the main phone number (1st one listed below). If you submitted a request in the past week or two, we may not have gotten it. Copies are going to the requester, but not to Plain-O Helpers (so it looks like it worked)


Please supply the following information and someone from Plain-O Helpers will be in contact with you.  To reduce phone-tag, please add our two phone numbers to your contact list (call us if you need help doing this!)

  • 469-366-4286 — Plain-O Helpers Service Request Line (accepts calls)
  • 972-200-4640 — Plain-O Helpers Project Schedulers Line (does not accept calls)

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