We do not send promotional texts. In fact, we don’t send texts at all where we initiate the contact. We send texts in reply to texts. Even if you do choose to opt out of texts and then send us a text, that action gives us permission to respond to that text with a text.

There is an unusual case where we could initiate a text when you contact us by phone and leave a voicemail. Sometimes when we call back, either the phone is never answered or we get a message that the mailbox is full or has not been set up. After a number of retries over a few days, we might try sending a text saying that we are unsuccessfully trying to return your call. If the number is not one that accepts texts, that is a waste of time, but it is a last-chance attempt to return the contact.

We are a volunteer organization and do not have a reliable way of identifying numbers which should not receive text messages. The only way we can assure we do not initiate a text to a given number is for us to block that number from calling us. Obviously, that will also prevent you from using our services as we must communicate via phone to set up any projects.

If you opt out, we will send you a confirmation text within a few days. This confirms the opt-out request and does not include any promotional information. It also assures that someone else doesn’t opt-out your number without you knowing.

If you want to block us sending texts to you and do not mind that it will also prevent you from calling us, enter the phone number below:

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