Interested – but not sure yet?

Please complete the Request to become a Guest Helper!  That way you can experience what we do. Hopefully, it  will be something you would like to do on a frequent basis.  Feel free to add any additional questions about volunteering to your request.  We’ll contact you to arrange for a mutually convenient Friday morning.

When you do decide that you want to join POH and help the seniors of Plano, we ask that you complete the following three (3) REQUIRED steps

  1. Complete the POH Volunteer Application,
  2. Complete the Background Check , you may submit this request immediately after completing step #1, and
  3. Join the free RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program).   All active RSVP volunteers are provided with three kinds of FREE insurance while they are engaged in volunteer work as an RSVP member. Fill out the RSVP Application form

Once we receive the resultant information, POH will be in contact with you.