We are a group of volunteers, homeowners like yourselves, mostly retired who give some of our time to help the Seniors and Handicapped of Plano.

Our volunteers set aside Friday mornings every week to help our clients. Some projects take more than a few hours and may be scheduled for other days of the week depending upon the personal schedules of those who volunteer.

No, we are not experts on anything but some of our volunteers are pretty good at a lot of things. We can usually handle most home repairs that do not get into areas that require licensing from the city.

No. We never charge for our work. We give you our help, however, if you would like to make a donation to Plain-O Helpers, we will accept the donation.

Our clients have different financial strengths. Some live on very limited fixed incomes, others have some money to spare. We want to be able to help all of our clients regardless of their income strengths.

Most repairs cost some money. Any donations that we receive go to pay for the materials that we might have used on your house or on the house of someone that cannot afford to pay. Any excess donations will be used to help the Seniors and Handicapped of Plano, TX.

We try not to be tax accountants and we do not give out receipts for any donation unless asked to do so. Most contributions, minus the material and fair labor costs that we provide, may be tax deductible. The amount that you choose to deduct is up to you and your tax accountant.

You can give the volunteers a check or cash while they are there or you can mail it to Plain-O Helpers, c/o Custer Road United Methodist Church, 6601 Custer Road, Plano, TX 75023.